Designer Profile: Carlee Santarelli

Carlee Santarelli, a native Virginian and graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, knew from a young age that fashion was her life.  It wasn’t until she began working for Sonya Ooten, however, that she discovered her passion for jewelry.  Carlee’s first entry into the world of jewelry design is with a lovely collection of rings.

We love to make a statement, so when Carlee sent us her signature vintage fabric cabochon rings, we were thrilled!  Each hand-made ring is undeniably bold and one of a kind.  Carlee tops recycled vintage fabric with a cabochon to magnify the beauty of each unique textile.

Rings are $50 and available exclusively through Carlee’s studio and select LA boutiques.  For ordering information, email Illona Szabo.


7 responses to “Designer Profile: Carlee Santarelli

  1. Carlee”s rings are the best one!! I have on my self

  2. Jonney Harvie

    Yes Carlee’s rings are beautiful, we bought some here in virginia when she visited for Thanksgiving, I think she gave her mom a freebie (lucky mom). Yes Carlee is awesome and so are her rings,and so is she.

  3. Wanda Matheny

    Carlee’s rings are amazing, when I wear it, I get compliments from everyone and jewelry stores have asked me about it. I would love to see necklaces and earing as well.

  4. Carlee’s rings are the perfect accessory! I get compliments everytime I wear mine out and about!

  5. Carlee’s rings are beautiful one of a kind. I hope she makes more and more!!!!!

  6. Very proud of your jewelry so far… your idea is so unique and i can’t wait to see more!

  7. Carlee’s rings are beautiful. Congratulations Carlee.. now where do I get mine?!?!

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