The Office Party

Style isn’t just about what you wear. Consider this “day-after” strategy the next time you get crazy at your company party – come in the next day acting like it never happened.  In the long-lost words of a sage whose name escapes me, “Act like you been somewhere before.” Your boss and your boss’ boss have worked hard to get where they are, and along with that hard work probably came some hard nights.  If you stroll in gabbing about the drunken escapades of your work chums or who made out with whom and have an unproductive day, you’re only showing them that you can’t handle burning the candle at both ends.  My strategy is simple: come into work, nod to the CFO, give a wry smile to my co-workers and hit the gas.  You should want to show the higher ups that you can be productive after a hard night and leave your hapless co-workers to the tomfoolery.


One response to “The Office Party

  1. think i know what you’re referring to…
    starts with an i and ends with phone 🙂

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