Smashbox O-GLOW

We’ve been totally obsessed with Smashbox O-GLOW, the “intuitive cheek color” that is clear in the tube and then turns a cupcake-frosting pink when applied. It turns out it’s not really all that “intuitive”.  Apparently you can apply it to anything – even inanimate objects – and it’ll turn pink. You know what? We don’t care. It is still an Official StyleMaxim Summer Product.  It is the summer of product in a tube. So there.

Smashbox O-GLOW, $26 - This cheek color gives you the perfect blush.


2 responses to “Smashbox O-GLOW

  1. have you tried the o-gloss?
    it is fab!

    hope you can check out my ideas for smashbox on the next beauty guru contest page!


  2. Mrs Manyak Manyakowski

    Does the O stand for Orgasm or what?

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