Nike+ SportBand Review

We finally received the Nike+ SportBand on Monday after pre-ordering from and decided to take it out for a spin today. Here are our observations:

Design: Pretty cool, very lightweight

Function: Weeell…

  • The USB connector is poorly designed when it comes to actually inserting it into your laptop. It has a slight curve to it so as to fit the contour of the band but if your laptop is on a flat surface (such as a desk), it won’t plug in properly or at all. So weird that Nike didn’t think of that – did they test it at all?!
  • Also, Pause vs. Stop Workout is sort of unclear. Perhaps we should read the manual but since there’s only one button it’s kind of hard to figure out. The audio cues you get when using the iPod+ are better.
  • The battery life is only two hours. Not that we can run for that long, but it means you have to be conscious about keeping it charged. It does have a battery indicator on the screen so that helps.
  • The screen is easy to read and toggling between Distance/Pace/Calories while running is also pretty simple.

Botom Line: Eh, it’s not bad for $60. Not sure how we feel about it yet. We’ll still listen to our iPods while running, but will use the SportBand as well.


5 responses to “Nike+ SportBand Review

  1. Hi! I’ve found your blog looking for Sporband review and information. I’ve the same feeling.. looks like Nike’s PR could have done a little more to promote this product. It is also hard to find it in nikestores here in Italy.
    (mine has been shipped today so i’m waiting for it!)

  2. About the battery life, says that it takes 2 hours to charge…. and lasts 14 hours.

    I ordered mine today and I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

  3. Yeah, I’m curious to see what the general response will be once it’s been out on the market for a while. The design definitely needs improvement.

    In general, though, it’s weird that more people aren’t aware of the whole Nike+ thing. Or maybe they’re aware of it and don’t get the functionality or don’t care. Personally, Nike+ iPod has revolutionized my life.

    Mike – thanks for the battery life info. That def makes me feel better!

  4. hi guys i have a question
    what does pace means? what is showing my band, i dont get those numbers, dont laught i just dont speak many english, thanx in advance

  5. The pace is the rate at which you’re running, or the length of time you’ve been running divided by your distance. So if you ran 3 miles in 30 minutes, you’ll see your pace as 10 minutes.

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