Finally, no more embarrassing five o’clock shadow!

What at first glance looks like something that should be called the iRazor is actually a “next generation” hair removal system that uses “gentle heat waves” to “painlessly destroy hair follicles”. This looks interesting. But what the heck was Sephora’s marketing department thinking? Couldn’t they come up with something better than “no!no!”? We thought they were trying to promote the fact that it’s painless. Unless the name is referring to the fact that the hair is unwanted…a “no-no”, if you will. But then there would be a hyphen separating the “no”s. Why the emphatic exclamation points??? Oh well, at least the “no”s aren’t in caps. It’s really bothering us. Perhaps we will write to Sephora to inquire about the etymology of the “no!no!”.



2 responses to “Finally, no more embarrassing five o’clock shadow!

  1. “No, no…” would have worked like THAT, with an animated finger waving back and forth in disapproval, but the exclamation marks definitely evoke fear…that’s like grammar 101, I’m not sure how Sephora could’ve missed that…

  2. Seriously! I can just see them now in some boardroom, saying, “Today’s woman isn’t afraid to use exclamation points when excited. Today’s woman will love this product. Let’s get as many exclamation points as possible in there.”

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