We can’t tell time.

Seriously.  Some of us have trouble reading analog watches but we don’t care – we really superduper OMG-love-love-love the Chanel J12.

Here is the J12 with a custom after-market (what is this, a car?) 1 carat diamond bezel and a 2 carat diamond addition to the ceramic band.  The original bezel much better (the quality is evident), but we’re total proponents of more diamonds.



3 responses to “We can’t tell time.

  1. Princesse! You have exquisite taste. Graduation from business school will afford you the means to fulfil your desires. 🙂

  2. First off, I can’t tell time either. What’s up with that? I quit wearing a watch because I had low “telling-time” self-esteem. Second, I love your word “OMGlovelovelove.” That is terrific. Buy yourself one of these watches. You’re the petite princess. Of course you should have it.

  3. You have my permission to use it, A-Dawg…as long as you give credit where credit’s due. BTW, I’m still waiting for my pack of Kings – I thought you were overnighting them? Whatevz, I’ll just have some Dinosaur Bones.

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