Juicy Couture Fall Collection has arrived!

We absolutely love Juicy velour tracksuits!  We stay away from the terry stuff in the summer (the quality’s not that great), but when this time of year arrives, we get really excited because that’s when the new fall colors come out.  Our favorite this year is Angel (pictured below).  We prefer the track jackets to the hoodies – they look classier (as classy as a tracksuit can possibly look).  FYI – if you wash it inside out it will help keep the velour poofier and softer.


We also really like this bag (the ‘Royal Fairytale’) – it’s perfect for a laptop and a few books.



2 responses to “Juicy Couture Fall Collection has arrived!

  1. That could be the ugliest bag I have ever seen…Maybe Juicy should change its name to Frodo Couture…

  2. Perhaps a “Mr.” is not the best judge of bags. In any case, I believe this blog poses some danger to my wallet. The bag is awesome on many levels — the canvas/leather combo is so rugged (I don’t doubt it would stand up to the weight of books, laptop, etc.), love the hardware detail, and the saddle color leather won’t be difficult to match up to leather boots for fall. I’m off to Juicy for what I hope is just a closer inspection rather than an impulse buy!

    What’s the CPSI (cost per square inch), do you think? 🙂

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