We’ve been known for beating a dead Ugg.

Our toes are curling in anticipation of that delicious feeling one gets when she slips on her Uggs after a summer of exposing herself in sandals.  We know Uggs are totally unfeminine and bulbous and tasteless and all, and we really do feel like everytime we wear them, the spirit of fashion dies a little (on the inside) BUT…we can’t wait to wear them in the cheesiest, most cliche, Jessica Simpson, baggy-sweatshirt-and-leggings-with-tall-chestnut-Uggs kind of way.


2 responses to “We’ve been known for beating a dead Ugg.

  1. I had to laugh because I can relate to this — I’m always thinking a season ahead. Believe it or not, I visit cool climates just so I can wear Uggs, sweaters, etc.!

    Fun blog — I’m adding you to our Delightful Divas Blogroll!

  2. Man of the Cloth

    Will someone please explain to me why Uggs still exist? What am I missing? I fail to understand. These things are basically prehistoric, being, oh, 5 or 6 years out the gate now. Is it because little fluffy dogs are fashion items too now, so you need boots that ordinarily only Australian shepherds wear to match? Is it because Paris Hilton wears them? Is it because women are oddly turned on by the smell of foot odor mixing with faux-sheepskin and sweat? Would someone in the fashion industry please get a grip and toss these damn things onto the ashheap of horrible clothing ideas, a la socks with birkenstocks and unshaved metrosexual hipster dudes. God help us all.

    And anyway, I think the fact that you prefer placing your feet in the equivalent of a uncirculated AC in a car full of flatulent toddlers as opposed to a nice ocean breeze suggests the odor has not only caused olfactory fatigue, but in fact caused permanent damage. No wonder these things are still popular. They’ve lobotomized the unsuspecting public!

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